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Interior design of lux apartment in Baku

by PPA
November 13, 2020

What is interior design

Design for us - is the art of creating natural comfort for every living space. Real design helps to open the inner world of the homeowner. The design embodies meaning in every inch of the house. Beauty and functionality are integral parts of true design.
Stages of design project creation
It begins with the quality repair of the house, apartment, design and development. A competent design project is a large-scale and labor-intensive process. You can anticipate the condition of the future apartment, visually imagine how this or that detail will look in your interior, all the elements of the interior, including the floor, ceiling, light sources in the overall composition role, you can think about creating the most appropriate image with your inner world.
We have divided the design project into three stages
1. Planning phase
We try to use the area as efficiently as possible. All accepted standards and customer needs are taken into account. After approval of the plan, working drawings, location of walls, sanitary ware and electrical work (spot, wall lamp and hidden light, not taken into account due to possible changes in the sketch stage) are provided.
Interior design includes:
*Measuring the interior and taking photos
*Analysis of object properties
*Transformation of the plan into an electronic image
*Formation of terms of reference
*Drawing up a plan with 2-3 options furniture placement
*Location of accessories, electrical appliances and door opening direction of the sanitary unit
*Creating sketches of future design.


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